The Rat

This play is about the clash of the rat and 4 cats. Cats harm and domineer the rat and people. The rat as a leader resists attacks with people and eventually win. They resist cats by coming together in weddings, harvests etc… and reach a consensus how they fight to cats. Masks were used for cats and the rat ; but these animals were not played by imitating. They are like human. The rat represents of a Kurdish society who are under the control of the authority, are oppressed. Four cats (Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq) are authority. The literary source of the play is about the rat and the cat but in this play it is changed by four cats.

Wild Wedding

The play revolves around a meeting between a teenager and his mother, who was raped brutally by invasion soldiers, resulting in the young man, who was raised neglected and tortured for the sin of his mother. The play is significant as it represent a prophecy at the time of its writing (1991) for what actually happen in Iraq after 2003 with all its themes and symbols. The translation included a third character that was added by the translator (Alyaa A. Naser) for the significance of explains and clarifying ideas in the original script for the English culture speakers.