Salim Salim

When Palestinian Salim Abyad is released from an Israeli prison, the Israeli authorities mistakenly bring him to the Gaza border crossing while his family awaits his return on the other side of the country, in the West Bank. Salim knows that if he enters Gaza, he might never see them again. Stranded on the border, Salim has to find a solution before the Israeli soldiers make a choice for him.

Elsewhere: A Play for an Audience of One

‘Elsewhere’ tells stories of refugees from different times and places; a Syrian refugee, a Sudanese refugee, a Venezuelan refugee and more. The play is meant to be experienced in a one on one setting; each audience member meets each of the refugees for an intimate 7 minutes encounter. A voice guides audience members on their journey through the stories. Each viewer will experience the play in a different order until the group is reunited at the end of the cycle.