The Blue Pink

A journalist is investigating story of Shahrzad, a transgender woman killed by her son through interviews with her transgender friends and other acquaintances including a relative, a social worker, a child labour and her housemate who is a sex worker. Shahrzad formerly known as Majid has a difficult time expressing her sexual identity since childhood until marriage, which she breaks off and leaving for the big city of Tehran without knowing that she has left a son behind. She is living in a trans community and finally able to obtain money and legal permits for sex change operation, she is happily married to a transgender man but after a long journey of transformation her past comes to hunts her. While her husband, friends narrates Shahrsad life they also unravels their own sad tales of discovery, harsh cruelties in the society and transformation and even recounts the history of Khomeini’s fatwa on sex reassignment surgery. These characters have faced common conditions and plights in the society facing violence, rape and poverty.