Writing in the Dark

A group of friends who are journalists are plan a holiday to the north of the country, but each one starts to debate whether it’s good to travel, that eventually leads to a vote and signifies the lack of a common goal among these friends. Nima is a photo journalist who has been arrested for documenting a protest, and being questioned by an interrogator.

In another timeline, Nima and his journalist friends are again on holiday in Germany, discussing the possible call for asylum, but only one decides to become a refugee. It appears that Nima is no longer in the interrogation room suggesting he is dead, while his friends seated separately on chairs watch the blindfolded being investigated by a young interrogator.


The original play has faced censorship by the Performing Arts Supervisory Council due to its content being a reminder of Iran’s post-election events in 2009. The director changed the format of his play in order to perform it. The concept of an interrogator displayed by distancing effect and alienation by the actor, explaining how his character looks while the dialogue is solely being read on papers without any action, and some of the controversial dialogues showed on a screen by a projector.

Mohammad Yaghoubi

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