Women of Lorca

The play uses Lorca’ female characters to represent Iraqi women and their suffering first under the control of their own society and then by themselves as they gradually became addicted to the dictatorship of their own selves. Even when they try to break free of such control, the create a new controller by themselves. The play is translated into English by Alyaa A. Naser, and full study of the play is available with the study done by the translator and published as part of the proceedings of AWS 2015 Second International Conference on Advances on Women’s Studies in Toronto, Canada (09-10 June, 2015) (ISBN 978-0-9939889-0-5): “Paintings Of Iraqi Women in Theatre”. The translations is under publication now.


2006, Baghdad, Iraq, National Theatre
2006, Germany, Slik Road Theatre Festival, Roar Theatre
2006, Holland, The Theatre of the Ship and Culture
2007, Tunisia, Al Hemraa Theatre
2008 Algeria, Theatre Festival for Professionals

Awatif Naeem

Name of the Playwright in English


Year of Writing


Year of the First Staging