I Love You Turkey

The play tells the story of an unexpected encounter of five young people at a laundromat in the middle of Istanbul. One of them is an employee at the facility and the others are customers waiting for their laundry since there is a water supply cut in the neighborhood. At first they don’t seem like they have anything in common to share. However, once the employee suspiciously reveals a situation that may cause one of these customers to find themselves in a criminal offense, the story unfolds to present each character’s own perspective on how they see the society they live in. Text successfully utilizes post dramatic approach in its structure. While characters try to prove their innocence we hear conversations and monologues that are reflecting their positions and reactions for Turkey’s current political climate. Play’s choice of space and time playfully brings characters who are quite alike together so throughout the play it is possible to understand several perspectives about Turkey as if we are presented an extensive discussion of issues of 2010s such as Gezi Protests, recent military coup d’etat attempt and its aftermath, leaving country for good etc. Rather than constructing a definitive conclusion, the play poses several questions letting the audience keep themselves once the play is over such as: At which age does one feel themselves responsible about the issues of the world around them?