Theatre Painted Bird, founded in 2000, is the first professional feminist theatre company in Turkey. “Nora/Nûrê”, an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, was the first and only Kurdish project of the group. By working with feminist dramaturgy the group found some resemblances between Ibsen’s Nora and the kilam “Saliho and Nûrê” are narrated by dengbêjs. By messing with men’s affairs Nora dishonored Torvald and Nûre dishonored Salih. In the final scene when Nora leaves her Doll House, in the kilam Nûre was killed by her husband. During the play Nûre used different masks. There wasn’t a realistic scenery. The play wasn’t Kurdicized but it unveiled in Kurdish language the same oppression experienced by the women all over the world.


2010, Batman, Turkey, Theatre Painted Bird
2010, Diyarbakir/Izmir/Van/Kars/Ağrı/Mersin, Turkey
2010, Ankara, Turkey, International Ankara Theatre Festival
2010, Istanbul, Turkey, The International Istanbul Theatre Festival
2010, Skien, Norway, Ibsen Conference

Theatre Painted Bird

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