The interactive play Intersection sheds light on coexistence and social integration and promotes understanding between Syrian refugees and local communities. The performance revolves around a filmmaker who interviews Syrian and Jordanian actors to create a film about life in Jordan. The audience learns about the difficulties and challenges faced by Syrian refugees, specific areas of conflict, and how they are resolved to achieve social cohesion. The first scene depicts the conflict that the emigrants face in deciding whether to return to their country or stay in the host country. The second scene revolves around the idea of dividing the Arab countries and the distribution of quotas. The third scene presents the challenges emigrants face in terms of residence, work, and education as well as the problems faced by the host country’s communities. In the fourth scene, a man and his wife disagree over hosting one of the Syrian refugees at their home. The final scene focuses on the problems of the border. Ultimately, none of the actors are happy with the director and they decide to quit, but as they begin to leave they are reminded of the symbolic tree onstage, representing life, hope, heritage, and roots.


Bilal Zaiton

Year of Writing


Year of First Staging