Disco No.5

Disco No.5 has been performed by Mirza Metin from Destar Theatre about the torture of Kurdish political prisoners in Diyarbakır Military Prison after military coup in Turkey (1980). The performance has been based on memories, books, documentaries and interviews about that period. In that one-act play the actor performed a spider, a rat, a dog, a prisoner and a jailkeeper by getting reality and fiction together. The characters/actions of the play have referred to reality of that period by fictioning. The group described their play as “confrontation plays”. Always welcomed with great admiration the play won “the best solo performance of the year”, “the actor of the year”, “the best performance of the year” awards.


“Disco No.5” was first performed at the 24th November 2011 in Istanbul. It was staged by Turkish, Germany, Romanian, English surtitles until 2020. It has been attracted a great deal of attention in Turkey and foreign countries. It was performed more than 75 times.

Mirza Metin

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