‘Autopsy’ begins with a disturbing scene in which actors emerge one by one from their shrouds (white cloths covering their bodies), improvise dialogues, and submerge back into their dark and isolated space. Actors randomly involve the audience in their improvisations by using symbolic props that include white cloth and shroud, a belt and a red lipstick. The play displays the challenges of the transgender community that resonate in an episode about a trans person’s marriage to a cis woman due to pressure from society. 


The play was performed for a second time in 2019 at Entezami Theater in Iran.

One his previous plays ” Be the one that you are not” has been perform in Festival of International New Drama (FIND) in 2017 at Schaubühne Theater and La Nef Manufacture d’utopies in France in 2017.

Saman Arastoo

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